Small Bets (poem)

1.Hedging my small bets 

A true patriot game stands 

Flag wavering shade

Happy as a pig

In shit snuffing out the roots 

Veins of plants are laws

Perfect climbing vine

Lines of shadow on the grass

Quiet garden tending 

Rumors of traffic

The rubber hits the wide world 

Silence in the grove

Retreat from the gods 

Reeds among the swamp standing 

A knot of toads at bay

Large Mickey Mouse ears

Longing for an innocence 

Of a course laid bare

Grandmother’s secret 

Her roses were champions 

Her means a damp soil

Ghosts of Cedar lake

Morning fog soaks the grasses 

Echoing loons call

Mowing of the land

Scent of jasmine and wet earth

Wildflowers seek sun

And then the rains came

Chasing out men from their fields

Pooling in small lakes

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