Ten Haiku 

1.She is like a crime 

She is cumulative she

Horizontal storm 

Invisible storm 

A landscape view in total 

A mayhem of leaves 

I am electric 

Static shoots from my fingers 

Small super powers 

I’m a bag of bones

The best years have caught me up

Spine is slipped up

I am an ape man

Pounding out the monolith 

In Kubrick’s dream day

Knot of toads vibrate

Darkness visible firefly

Pinholes in the night

The ape man sleeps

To White noise of the knot

In rest he’s silent 

She is a deep pool

Rising from the chill morning

A slow fog lifting 

Wipe the sleep from me

Ashes of the one tree fire

Soot permeates flesh

The sleep, the very death

So coolly accepted and

Embraced in warmth 

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